About Me

About Alex G. Lim

Alex G.’s story in music began in traveling and playing the guitar between 2013 – 2015 for Churches’ services/events and Chinese Christian TV group – O.R.T.V on O.R.T.V station tours. Later in 2015, he answered the call to be a resident guitarist for various clubs and bars in Singapore.
In 2017, he filled in the role as a guitarist in concerts and events such as at the Porsche Car event, Lumino City etc. He also crossed over to the Classical world, by playing rock guitar with different Symphony Orchestras such as: A Gift for Singapore@Esplanade Concert Hall With Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra 2018, NAC Silver Arts Festival 2019 (Those were the days) with The Philharmonic Winds, Souvenir for Singapore @ Esplanade Concert Hall Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra and Cassette of the Yesteryears @ Esplanade Concert Hall Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra.
He is also actively involved with overseas projects such as tracking guitar parts in his home studio for different oversea acts and playing guitar on both live on stage, studio album and crafting a long tasteful guitar solo for Korean American singer songwriter based in Los Angeles, Jae Jin, who appeared in TV show such as The Voice and acted for Netflix programs.

Alex G. also carries signature products under his name with the companies he is endorsed by in the USA. In Jan 2022, he joined a new USA guitar company LsL Instruments as the very first official Artist from Singapore.

Aside from LsL Guitars, he proudly recognised and officially endorsed by a number of music companies: Curt Mangan Strings (USA), Free The Tone (Japan), FU Tone (USA), Awe In One Pick (Singapore), Sinasoid cables (USA), G7th Capo (UK), T.S.W Pedal (USA), Creation Audio Lab Pedal (USA) and more.