Performance Testimonials

Performance Testimonials

Ang Wei Qian

Drummer - Error440 band

I have been playing with Alex for the past 5 years, and he had never stopped impressing me of how talented he is. Alex is hard working, cheerful, and extremely talented in guitar. He practices his craft every single day without fail, always being creative and will try out new things, new ways to improve his guitar skills. Having played together in our band 'Degree', we had done many gigs, from cafes to weddings and different ad hoc event together. Being the bandleader, he will always encourage and help the band to outdo ourselves and therefore the band have never disappointed our clients or fans before. A wonderful musician to work with and definitely someone who can value add in any band or music related work.

Jason Ng

Session Drummer/J Music

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Alex G. from 2015 to 2016. He was the lead guitarist of various club bands. Mr. Alex G. is a totally committed artist. He invests every rehearsal and performance with pain-staking patience and respect of every detail and nuance – musically and psychologically. His performances were a true testament of this work ethic. I am certain that Alex G. is going to continue to do great and creative things in his future. I highly recommend him for any bands and shows. Yours faithfully, Jason

T.Y. Lua

Session Keyboardist (Malaysia)

Alex G. Is a very hardworking musician! I feel very comfortable and happy while playing music with him. Besides that, he is also a very humble person, I will strongly recommend that he will surely play a good role in the job.

Dave Gonzales Erin

Session Bassist/Guitarist (Philippines)

The first time I watched Alex G. Lim played guitar was a terrific experience for me. My jaw literarily dropped. His technical proficiency was world class aligned with the most talented and well known musicians in the world like Richie Sambora and Yngwie Malmsteen. His playing technique is very unique from others -that when you hear him play on a record you will instantly know that it is him playing the instrument. During live performances, Alex G. never failed to impress the crowd with his showmanship. I never get bored watching him play live because he is very energetic on stage. He is overall a world-class talented guitarist and is highly recommended for sessions all over Singapore and the world.

Daniel Tan

G.M.C H.O.D Drummer/Documentary in Amber

I have been playing quite regularly with Alex Lim for the past 5 years, most often with the church worship band, and on some occasions, some outside band sessions. He is an excellent guitarist (possessing very good technique and touch) with good musical sensibility and an extremely hard work ethic. He always comes well prepared for every rehearsal and gives his best every time he plays the guitar. He is always seeking to learn and improve himself. Through the years, he has built up much resilience and maturity in character, becoming an ever more conscientious and open-minded musician always willing to go the extra mile for his band mates, ever willing to learn and improve and with a maturity beyond his years in playing his part in the band to serve the band and the music and to take and offer constructive feedback. I would strongly recommend him to any band looking for a strong lead guitarist who is also able to double up on rhythm. He particularly excels in virtuoso guitarist type solos, rock and pop styles, as well as mando-pop, canto-rock, etc.

Koko Williams

Singer - Thailand

It has been a pleasant experience working with Alex. His great attitude and passion at what he does, makes working with him enjoyable, with each and every time we perform together. I being in this field for more than 17 years, I’ve seen the importance of not only having to find an excellent guitarist and professional performer, he also needs to be humble, diligent and have the willingness to improve and embrace constructive feedback. These are the traits I’ve seen and experienced working with Alex and I am confident you would feel the same if you do have the opportunity to work with him.

Alan Ng

Session Bassist - Switch Gang

I had been on the same stage with Alex not more than 5 times but each time was just surprises after surprises. His unique style of showmanship often gets all the attention from the audience. A humble musician who is willing to listen to every feedback given and willingly do the necessary changes. Should there be an opportunity I would recommend Alex for gigs and performances.



Alex has a marvellous musical sensitivity that reflects in his playing. His versatility across different genres are spectacular and never fails to impress. A gem in the rough, his humble roots paired with relentless hard work will eventually help him scale greater heights. Echoinox is proud and honoured to endorse this rising artist. Play loud my friend!

Aloysius Chow

Session Bassist/ MTD Emerging Artist

Alex G is a determined guitarist with great zeal for the music craft with his understanding of the guitar instrument. He constantly seeks opportunities to work on live performance with other working grade full-time musicians in Singapore to seek better understanding towards better musicianship, musicality and professionalism. Due to his many years of working experience in the competitive music field in Singapore, he has a wide genres under his belt such as Mandopop, Cantopop, English Pop, Rock, Blues as well as Thai Rock especially through live club stages. One would say Alex G to be a good marketing musician material with his reputation for various brands endorsement such as Gibson, Curt-Mangan Strings & TSW Pedals. All in all, Alex G might be the next guitarist on your first call list soon.

Jeremy Thong

Session Guitarist

Alex has a passion for guitar and music that goes beyond just daily practice and more practice. I saw how music changed his life and how he then used music to impact the lives of others as well. That is, in my opinion, the X-factor that makes a great musician.

An Qi


Alex is truly the epitome of passion, playing the guitar with his whole heart, mind and soul...His musical palate is wide and varied, his theoretical musical knowledge equally impressive.

Jeremy Ng

Session Percussionist/Philharmonic Youth Winds

I’ve met Alex G. during the Silver Arts Festival organised by the National Arts Council. We both performed for the Philharmonic Youth Winds. Alex G. has been a wonderful Musician through understanding and communicating with our conductor too. During the performance, Alex G. has shown immense musicianship in his playing. It was a joy to ‘rock’ on stage with him! Trustworthy and reliable to communicate with, Alex G. will certainly leave you with a great impression with each project done!