Session Dates

Session Dates

Alex G. provides services as a professional side man guitarist for Artist/Singer-songwriter/Music Director, Orchestra conductor and producer who needs a guitarist to session on Gigs, TV-shows, Events, Shows, Concerts and even to go on a tour. He is able to read music, recreate and improvise according to the situation.

Live Rigs
Alex G. Analog live rig do not require Mic-ing a loud amp but all he needs is XLR cables connecting his TwoNotes product direct into house sound system. However, certain events requests that requires stage volume is also doable through his Friedman Mic-no-mo’ (No Mic) to simulate a
SM57 using a XLR cable also. These days sound-man love zero stage volume specially at a live show that uses in-ear monitoring system and prefers a DI sounds.

No amps allowed on the show? Perfect! Alex .G has a pedalboard built for that and it goes straight direct into the house sound system with a XLR cable.

Session Gears

GuitarsGuitar PickGuitar StringsAmpsOthers
1997 Gibson Les Paul CustomShopAwe-In-One – Profound 1CurtMangan StringsLaney IronHeart 60TwoNotes – Captor X
Fender Custom Shop (Telecaster)  Laney 4×12 CabinetFriedman – Mic-no-mo
Prestige Ibanez 3770    
CA Cort Earth – 1200    

Terms & Conditions

All engagements must be paid with 50% downpayment one week prior to performance, recording, tour, etc via Bank Transfer or PayNow. This is a non-refundable service. 

A minimum notice of 48 hours must be given in order to reschedule an appointment. No-show or last minute full cancellations will not be refunded.