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Alex G. Lim Double Gun Distortion / Preamp

This pedal ships with 2 JJ 12AX7 tubes pre-installed. However, you can use any 12AX7, AU7, or AT7  you would like. If you feel like the pedal has too much gain for your playing style swap in an AU7 or AT7, into the the first tube slot (the slot closest to the input jack), for less gain. Blues players will love a 12AU7 in the first slot and a 12 AX7 in the second slot, for a lower gain warm, bluesy overdrive.

This pedal is based off of the Trainwreck Express amplifiers preamp section, it is not a clone of it, however you will find the tones of the pedal to be very close to the amp. The pedal is wired point to point, with no circuit boards in the audio path. This gives the best audio signal, and is true to how the original Express amps were built. (TSWpedals is in no way affiliated with Ken Fischer or Trainwreck amps, we do not claim to be the original designer of the Trainwreck Express, and all rights, patents, and trademarks belong to their appropriate owners.)

The pedal features one global Gain control, a Master Volume for the Drive Channel and a Master Volume for the Boost section, as well as a full tone stack. The Master Volumes are extremely useful in obtaining the perfect volume level for each independent channel (Boost and Drive). This pedal features True Bypass. There is a Standby switch, which works just like the standby on a tube amp.  It will preserve tube life, and must be switched to “Engage” to engage the pedal. The pedal will still give bypass signal even when in Standby mode. There is also a switch to toggle between stock mode and fat mode. With “Fat” engaged you will get more bass response out of the pedal.  

This pedal will include a 12 Volt DC, 1 amp, tip negative power supply. Please do not use any other power supply other than the one included as you will damage your pedal and void your warranty!

Alex G. Lim Infinite Drive

Alex G. Lim Infinite Drive:

A drive that is smooth, rich, with a perfect mid push. TSWpedals/customs has created this Drive specifically for Alex to give him the solo boost and headroom that he requires on stage and in the studio. This drive is loosely based upon a tube screamer topology without the buffer circuit, with more headroom, more available gain, and more tonal control.

Alex has been our #1 supporter for quite sometime and it is only fitting that we have given him the best of what we can do. TSWpedals/customs is proud to support Alex as he takes his gifts and talents from stage to stage, all over the world.

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Alex G. Lim Curt Mangan Strings

Alex G. has been working with Curt Mangan Strings since 2015 and he only uses Curt Mangan Strings. He highly recommend these strings to anyone looking for recommendation. 

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