Student Testimonials

Teo Lee Wei - Singapore (Home & Online)

Board Director Position

Alex G. has been really helping me shape my guitar with technique work, teaching the finger exercises and building up muscles’ strength which I never knew is that important. The thing I like about Alex is he doesn’t make you feel bad about your mistakes; he’s really there to help me. He supports me and we laugh together when I make a bad move. Alex is a wonderful and talented instructor. He is very patient and caring to his students. Due to the recent Covid-19 situation in SG, Alex was able to teach me online without having to stop the lesson entirely. I knew he invested a great deal to ensure his studio is well equipped and that he could carry out his lesson without problem. I had my lesson online and everything work out well. There is no lag on the video, sound quality is good and clear! Thanks Alex, you are superb.

Gloria - Hong Kong (Online)

"Virtual musical lessons, video guitar learning and online face to face instructions." These were not something we have been thinking of before outbreak of COVID-19. The flexibility and adaptability of Alex G. has made guitar tuitions feasible during the Circuit Breaker period and it turned out to be quite effective. Certainly online tuition is a new way of interactive learning that we shall embrace.

Shivam - India

Scoot Pilot

Alex G. is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable guitarist who knows his game inside out. But it doesn’t stop there, skilled guitarists may or may not be great teachers, Alex’s expertise stretches beyond his own skill to exceptional teaching and observational skills which not only identify what you’re doing wrong but also on how to correct it. He is extremely patient and never puts you down. He is committed 110% to your time and does his level best to help you make the most out of it. After just one session he knows your potential more than you do yourself. After just 3/4 lessons I already felt that I have achieved things that I thought would only come to me after slogging through 10 maybe 15 lessons. He has no pet subjects or exercises, rather a whole Arsenal of exercises which he develops on the spot for you to build on what you’re lacking using just his observation. He doesn’t stop at just making you learn a song but in fact the value that you get out of a song in terms of playing techniques and exercises which would then help you towards other songs and future goals. The sense of achievement and progress you get out of every lesson has no price to it. When you are in a mental block and unable to move on, he explains things in such a simple way that just clears the fog in your mind and helps you breeze through what you thought was an unsurmountable obstacle. He has a way of letting you learn from self-discovery instead of butting in every now and then to tell you what you’re doing wrong unless he really needs to. This for me is the best form of adult learning which actually sticks stronger than just following someone’s commands. My utmost respect for Alex stems from the fact that he focuses on making you an independent learner rather than relying on his lessons solely which goes to show how selfless and how much of a true guru he is. Finally I must say that I am so lucky to have met him, and my opinion gets solidified even more when I speak to some of my other friends who tell me about their experiences with lessons. All in all a godsend for all guitar learners!

Ben - Singapore

Senior Engineer

Teacher Alex G. is an excellent and experienced guitarist. He has a huge amount of personal talent and knowledge on guitar playing to impart to his student. I am a 50+ adult student making a decision to fulfils my dream as a guitar player. He is good at assessing my abilities and interests and tailors the lessons accordingly. He instilled in me the qualities of music appreciation, joy of learning and drive to progress. I am always looking forward to every lesson which he will teach me music theory and application on guitar playing. He will fix my mistakes with particular fingering exercise technique and build my confident in playing across the fretboard. I highly recommend teacher Alex to anyone who wants to learn and make progress in guitar playing at any level. From your novice guitar student , Ben

Wen Liang - Singapore

Undergraduate, NUS

He helped to take my playing to the next level, correcting my technique, phrasing, and especially my tone. I think Alex has a very keen ear for getting a great guitar tone, and is very specific about what he wants. This is something that other guitar teachers don't emphasize as much on but is really important as a performer. Alex also helped me build discipline, another underrated skill that musicians need to possess. Although friendly, he is firm with maintaining a high standard and always pushes me to reach greater heights.

Ellen - Amsterdam


Alex G. has been teaching our 10 year old daughter ukulele for about a year now. He’s been an extremely nice teacher and my daughter made progress quickly. Alex G. makes it fun to learn and he would always find ways to connect with our daughter by making jokes or bringing treats. A kind, gentle and fun teacher. Would highly recommend!

Dino Amos Tan - Singapore


Alex's focus on accuracy and timing is admired - both in studio and casual jam sessions. Open to musical ideas and unusual arrangements, his versatility and understanding of band dynamics lens a hand for original creations. Aspiring musicians keen on developing foundational skills on rhythm, timing and posture will find Alex to be helpful in imparting effective instructional skills.

Hua- Vietnam


Alex G is a very enthusiast teacher and his teaching method is easy to understand and helps students when they are having difficulty learning and he is very patient with my child. my child learned many good things from Alex G teacher.

Nicole - Singapore

Sales Executive

The first time I met him was in a group teaching setting, Alex G. was able to hold the attention of his students and teach in a clear and synchronised fashion, ensuring everyone is able to follow the pace. As a professional musician on stage, Alex G. is very well able to translate the ‘Pro’ on stage performance into his teaching aspect. He’s a great coach and patient when it comes to teaching guitar, being very observant with his student’s progress. Someone that you’ll look for if you truly want to pickup guitar, as he’s not just good with theory but also the more important practical playing tips.

Jathu - Singapore

Singapore Armed Forces

When I first started my journey playing the electric guitar, I was passionate but lacked direction. Teacher Alex pushes me so I can fulfil my true potential while still making classes engaging and enjoyable. Because of my weekly lessons, I am now able to comfortably play some of my favourite rock songs! With his support, I’m confident that I will continue to see great progress in the near future. I strongly recommend Teacher Alex to anyone who has the passion and willingness to pick up playing the guitar.


SAF Pilot

Alex is an extremely versatile and skilled musician. He has been working hard with me to improve my technique and develop my musicality. The amazing thing about Alex is his patience and passion in the art. He is calm and extremely encouraging when it comes to my mistakes. As a teacher, he shows me the way and always makes me want to do better. As a guitarist, he inspires me. Thanks Alex!